About Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority, Yola

Brief History

Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority, with its administrative headquarters in Yola, Adamawa State, is one of the twelve (12) River Basin Development Authorities established under Decree No. 25 of 1976. as amended by Decree No. 35 of 1987. The functions of the Authority include the development of water resources potentials within its defined area of jurisdiction. The operational area covers, the whole of Gombe and Taraba States, Adamawa central and south senatorial districts and Bauchi south senatorial district.


To provide integrated and sustainable water resources develpment within the upper benue basin.


1. To provide food security through irrigated agriculture, hydropower generation, portable water supply, flood and erosion control and sustainable water shed management.
2. To develop and maintain up-to date Water Resources master plan and data bank in the Upper Benue Basin.