Kaltungo Dam Reservoir

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 Project Information

The Contract for construction of Kaltungo Earth Dam Project was awarded on the 8th June, 2009 to M/S Abdullahi Jabbi and Sons Enterprises Nig. Ltd. at the total cost of N261,151,380.00 which was later reviewed to N459,279,349.74. The construction of Kaltungo Earth dam commences on 3rd October, 2009 and was completed on 27th June, 2013. The Dam was conceived to solve the water Supply problem of Kaltungo Town and its environs.

The Kaltungo Earth Dam has the following Technical specifications:

Dam Type:Homogenous Earth Fill
Crest Elevation:478m
max. height:13m
Crest Width:8m
Upstream slope:1:3
Downstream slope:1:2.5
Gross Reservoir Storage:22 mcm
Spillway Type:free overflow (ogee)
Spillway length:50m.
Dam Crest Elevation:478masl
River Bed Level:465masl.
Storage Capacity at FSL:1.08mm3

After the Dam was about to be completed, Second Phase of the Contract for the Construction of Water Treatment Plant and Reticulation in Kaltungo Town was conceived and awarded to Messrs Charlim Associates Nig. Ltd. at the Cost of N205,056,989.79. On the 13th August, 2012. The project has attained about 40.0% completion. The scope of work for the project include: • Installation of a packaged water treatment Plant • Construction of ground and Overtake tank • Laying of Main supply line and Reticulation in Kaltungo Town The following progress has been made on the project: • Construction of packaged water treatment plant completed has been completed and installed. • Construction of 500m3 Overhead tank completed-100% • Laying of 225mm diameter of main sully pipe – 37% • Laying of 116mm diameter pipe for reticulation – 40%